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A certified roofing contractor built to produce a solution for ALL roof systems. Technicians are on stand-by to mitigate water intrusion during a storm, repair small areas that have suffered storm damage, or execute a complete roof replacement. We are skilled in metal, shingle, and flat roof systems. 

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Metal has rapidly become the material of choice for exterior use due to its rugged durability, design versatility, and aesthetic possibilities. However, for all its bravado and beauty, metal doesn’t necessarily have a tough skin. To be both functional and decorative, the metal must be coated with a finish that beautifies with color and doesn’t chalk, won’t lose its color and sheen, and won’t pit or chip, or age before its time.

True Force Roofing has the experience and knowledge necessary for advising you on the most suitable metal roofing coating to protect and extend the life of your metal roof. The coating system for metal panels is just as important as the substrate, as the panel, surface and coating will be exposed to environmental elements for its lifetime. Ultraviolet sun rays, acid rain, dirt, mold, etc. can break down an inferior coating resulting in panel fade and chalk. Fade and chalk are not pleasing to the eye and the degree of fade and chalk is directly related to the coating system.

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